Required Reading

The following articles are considered the foundation of the guild. They cover topics such as our OOC expectations of guild members, the RP themes that we follow, and explanations of the house’s IC backstory and lore.

In order to join the guild, you need to familiarize yourself with these posts. Since it’s a lot to retain, we highly recommend checking back in if you forget something!

The guild charter outlines all of our IC and OOC policies in detail. It explains what is expected from trials as well as full members, as well as how we make decisions in regards to activity, consequences, etc.

Every character in the guild needs to be in a division; this post outlines what options are available.

This might be the most important thread EVERY SINGLE GUILD MEMBER NEEDS TO READ. It should be considered the basic foundation for ALL vampire RP in the guild. You should be aware of the different strains of the disease of Vampirism; it is from those three diseases which spring over 20 known vampire lines in lore (with it being mentioned that there are hundreds more out there). Please read this thread and take into consideration all the things mentioned when creating and role playing a vampire.

This is the second most important post. The vast majority of people in the guild play either a vampire or a thrall/blood apple, and if you don’t, you will certainly RP with one. Everyone who wants to play a thrall or blood apple or anyone who wants to HAVE someone play a blood apple or thrall for them needs to read this. It’s imperative you understand how we acknowledge what little lore there is and then how we branch out and incorporate fanon to make it a more fulfilling role play experience.

This is an important thread to understand and read because it influences how the guild operates on a day to day basis, what drives us, and offers a lot of insight into the IC reasons behind Gideon’s decisions. We are aware this particular piece of lore is taken from the third era and not the second, but it still speaks to how the Order operates. If you ~are~ an Order vampire then this document and its rules should influence your RP. Even if you are not, you are a part of an Order house, which means if you oppose its core tenants, your character will encounter IC consequences.

The Traditions were originally created for the cross-guild alliance of vampire covens, The Conclave of Night. The Conclave is now defunct (due to the closing of most major vampire guilds) but the concept still exists IC. The Traditions themselves are frequently referenced in RP in regards to interacting with outside vampire covens and vampires who come into our territory. They are considered the law of the land as far as vampires are concerned. In short, House Ravnore is obligated to offer sanctuary to other vampires within the Conclave, so it is important for everyone to have a general understanding of the Traditions and just what they entail. It is especially important to understand the Traditions since they are still used as a hook to introduce other vampire or thrall characters.

This thread serves to outline what we expect from our members in terms of IC actions resulting in IC consequences, up to and including permadeath.  

Particularly if you are new to vampire RP, this list is a huge help in making sense of some of the terms we use. Due to the vagueness of Elder Scrolls vampire lore, which generally simply views vampires as NPCs/villains and offers little depth, we supplement with tasteful amounts of outside lore and phrases to flesh out daily vampire RP.

All characters who post a profile are added to this roster. It is important for each member to provide a short description which summarizes their character, and is useful for keeping track of who has what role in the house. It is also a useful resource for seeing what areas of the house have which roles.

House Military Ranking Structure

If you are interested in playing a house guard, soldier, mercenary, etc—this thread is important to read and understand. Even if you aren’t, you should still at least OOCly understand the guard roles in the guild.

Holdings Across Tamriel

This thread serves as a list of all holdings kept by the House, past and present. It serves as guild history on top of listing our current assets.

From time to time there are additional topics that must be addressed, and there aren’t always logical places to list them. However, reading the additional policies of this page will give you a better picture of the expected conduct within the guild.