Guild Roster

(*) indicates an alt and not a main.

The Aristocracy is the nobility of the House. The division involves the management of House legalities that include laws, property, and decorum. The Aristocracy is responsible for penning edicts, maintaining legal policies, storing artifacts, and managing internal politics that generally do not involve the military. The Aristocracy ultimately derives its power from the Lord and Lady of the House, along with the Empire, and the Order. As such, it represents all these entities throughout most dealings. The Aristocracy employs legal representatives, knights called Templars, and deputies called Tribunes. It also has its own dedicated team of scholars and researchers that work in the effort of updating laws and containing artifacts, be they dangerous or inert. In the most dire of situations, the Aristocracy can invoke a “crusade,” which unites the different aspects of the House, organizing the structure in such a way so as to commit all forces to a given endeavor, be it war or something else requiring a drastic amount of force.

Head of the House

Amalthea Ravnore | Imperial Order vampire and Lady Regent of the House. Sire of Eisheth and adoptive mother of Lelith. Knight and necromancer.
Lady of the House


Eisheth Ravnore | Imperial Order vampire, Inquisitor. Sister of Lelith, childe of Syrine, and niece of Olyviana.
Master of Inquiry

Lelith Ravnore | Imperial Scion vampire, Inquisitor. Sister of Eisheth, daughter of Syrine, and niece of Olyviana.
Master of Justice

Olyviana Ravnore | Order Vampire, Breton widow and former lady of the house. Cares for her children, the future Ravnore family heirs.

Holy Templars

Though their purpose is dark to the mortal realm, to the coven, the knights who uphold House and Order law are considred holy. They are expected to eliminate direct threats to the house on the command of the Aristocracy.

Limenia Shadowgale | Bosmer Volkihar vampire, granddaughter of Morriel, Holy Templar
Delegate of the Aristocracy

Lucian Varro Avitus | Imperial vampire, Holy Templar
Delegate of the Aristocracy

Terrellius Accipitus Valeio | Imperial Aundae vampire, bodyguard to Brenya, Holy Templar
Delegate of the Aristocracy


Specialized roles who represent the interests of the Aristocracy.

Brenya Liorentia | Imperial thrall to Terrell, Archivist and scribe
Delegate – House Archivist

Rakhan Hunding | Redguard mortal, Tribune
Tellindil of Summerset | Altmer vampire, second generation Ravnore by blood

Confessor Lazarus Phaedrus | Imperial Order vampire, overseer from the Order (*)


Protective combatants who are tasked with patrolling the grounds of Carcosa and protecting house members on an as-needed basis.

Brutus Caratacus | Imperial mortal (*)
Inanis Sombrus | Imperial mortal (*)
Ragan | Nord Volkihar vampire (*)
Ysavel | Breton mortal, healer (*)

The heart of the house’s longstanding status in Imperial society, the Academy facilitates instruction in a variety of topics both magical and mundane. Comprised of talented mages and scholars, the primary goal behind the Academy’s existence is to preserve and distribute knowledge, be it how to cast a complicated spell or how to learn to read. The house has long been legally allowed to study necromancy, which makes it a popular destination for adventurous aspiring students; in addition to that, proscribed topics such as daedric worship and shadow magic are practiced by those of the house with darker inclinations, though well-hidden from the public eye.


Haave Hlervu | Dunmer Vampire, House Astronomer and Oracle, wife of Malfyrvis
As the house astronomer, she interprets signs seen in the stars to foretell glory or destruction for the house and its occupants.
Master of Academia

Malfyrvis Hlervu | Dunmer Order vampire, sorcerer and noble, master of spies and husband to Haave
Master of Arcanum


Mages and scholars who have come to the house due to Lord Ravnore’s reputation as a magister for study or instruction.

Morriel Grimthorn | Bosmer mortal
Delegate of the Academy

Aeviria Rolas | Breton mortal
Duinnhwen | Altmer mortal, healer and Priestess of Stendarr (*)
Inara Vanont | Breton mortal, music and dance teacher
Jeanette Frey | Breton Order vampire, ex-Worm Cultist, necromancer
Lin Kinsun | Breton Scion vampire
Nina Rascena | Dunmer mortal (*)
Rae Woods | Bosmer mortal
Sharei Avalathil | Dunmer blood apple, painter and enchanter (*)
Veresi Sethran | Dunmer thrall to Limenia, master alchemist (*)
Zahaak al-Azif | Redguard mortal, necromancer (*)

The staff is one of the most vital facets of the house. While house staff are seldom bound for glory, without them, the house would crumble to nothing. The house boasts a large day staff, many of which are oblivious to the house’s secret, as well as an extensive night staff which helps ensure the veil is upheld at all costs. The staff is comprised of well-paid servants that ensure a house of this size functions in an efficient manner, from maids to stablehands to skilled laborers and everything in between. Personal attendants to the Ravnore family also fall under this umbrella, as do blood servants who ensure the vampires of the house can discreetly feed. The staff’s influence extends across the entire grounds, including the tribe of gypsies that lives in the forests. Finally, the staff attends to the comfort of guests who have come seeking employment in the house and watch over them until they have reached a final appointment, be it to the staff itself or another division.

Day & Night Staff

The house boasts a large contingent of servants, employees, and specialists that make up two halves of the house, the day and night staff. The day staff may or may not be aware this Imperial noble house is secretly a coven of vampires, while the night staff is comprised of blood apples, trusted mortals, and kindred “in the know”. 

Anastasia Olcain | Imperial mortal, witch and Chatelaine of the house
Delegate – Chatelaine
The Chatelaine manages the day to day affairs of the house staff and ensure the needs of the family and individual house members are met. 

Fielton Larethian | Imperial blood apple, Thrall/Champion of Eisheth and Gamekeeper
Delegate – Gamekeeper
The Gamekeeper is responsible for tending the house’s expansive forest, hunting, and ensuring there is a proper balance of wildlife.

Valentin Forsythe | Breton vampire, House Steward
Delegate – House Steward
The House Steward is responsible for collecting debts, managing business interests, and ensuring the house remains profitable.

Dion Valeio | Imperial mortal, brother to Terrell, poison maker & jewelry crafter (*)
Krier | Breton mortal, monster hunter
Memnovia Vant | Imperial bard and minstrel (*)
Nephele Galvia | Imperial mortal, steward of the Noctem Paradisum spa (*)
Sharaya-Do | Ohmes khajiit mortal, servant and gardener (*)

Tribe of the Missing God

A group of primarily Niben gypsies who live in the forest on Carcosa’s grounds.

Eclipse Phantasmal | Human mortal, circus performer (*)
Thelemil “Stanza” | Altmer mortal, bard (*)
Xija | Bosmer Yekef vampire, pirate (*)


Those who are staying on the grounds of Carcosa but have yet to be assigned a role in the house.

Alusaron Al-Skaven | Redguard Volkihar vampire
Aryni Hleran | Dunmer Volkihar vampire
Gaelan Kirre | Breton mortal
Viatryx Silas | Imperial Order vampire