Guild Roster

(*) indicates an alt and not a main.

Lord of the House & Primogen

Gideon Ravnore | Imperial Order vampire, primogen of his coven, magister and head of the house. Married to Olyviana. Oversees the scholar division.

The Inquisition

The Inquisition is focused on the political spectrum of vampiric unlife, from upholding the veil to enforcing coven law upon those within the house and its domain.

Amalthea Ravnore | Gideon’s eldest childe,sire of Eisheth and adoptive mother of Lelith. Battlemage, necromancer and High Inquisitor. (*)

Eisheth Ravnore | Imperial Order vampire, Inquisitor. Sister of Lelith, childe of Syrine, and niece of Gideon and Olyviana

Lelith Ravnore | Imperial Scion vampire, Inquisitor. Sister of Eisheth, daughter of Syrine, and niece of Gideon and Olyviana

Dark Templars

Templars are expected to eliminate direct threats to the house on the command of the Inquisitors.

Limenia Shadowgale Aquillius | Bosmer Volkihar vampire, granddaughter of Morriel, wife of Livilia, Templar of the Inquisition
Tellindil | Altmer vampire, grandchilde of Gideon and Templar of the Inquisition

Additional ranks

Specialized combatants who represent the interests of the Inquisition.

Brenya Liorentia | Imperial mortal, scribe to the Inquisition (*)
Oberon Glaw | Imperial thrall to Amalthea, former sellsword (*)

Mages & Scholars

Since the house has a long history of being focused on the arcane arts, it attracts a variety of scholars and mages in seek of knowledge or instruction. The house Astronomer, with the aid of the Archivist, oversees the house’s scholars and tasks them as necessary.

Haave Hlervu | Dunmer Vampire, House Astronomer and Oracle, wife of Malfyrvis
The house astronomer interprets signs seen in the stars to foretell glory or destruction for the house and its occupants.


Mages and scholars who have come to the house due to Lord Ravnore’s reputation as a magister for study or instruction.

Llivinysa Hla Silvar | Telvanni Dunmer mortal and House Archivist.
The archivist catalogues and preserves the 2,000+ tomes which make up the impressive Ravnore library, both public and proscribed. 

Ceyanna | Breton mortal, alchemist
Dalerain Yollavar | Breton Scion vampire, enchanter
Darian Dunlaine | Breton mortal, adventurer, scholar, mage
Duinnhwen | Altmer mortal, healer and Priestess of Stendarr
Jeanette Frey | Breton Order vampire, ex-Worm Cultist, necromancer; childe and apprentice to Gideon
Lana Stoddard | Bosmer Order vampire
Levris Antorhen | Breton mortal
Sharei Avalathil | Dunmer blood apple, painter and enchanter (*)
Veresi Sethran | Dunmer thrall to Limenia, master alchemist (*)
Zahaak al-Azif | Redguard mortal, necromancer (*)

Lady of the House

Olyviana Ravnore | Order Vampire, Gideon’s Breton wife and lady of the house. Presides over the house staff, spies, and business interests.


The master of spies responsible for overseeing the day to day efforts of the house’s “web” of spies.

Malfyrvis Hlervu | Dunmer Order vampire, sorcerer and noble, master of spies and husband to Haave


Spies dedicated to serving the webweaver’s network, which is referred to as his web.

Garat gro-Bargol | Orc mortal, thrall to Ralorian
Morgane Kingsley | Breton mortal
Nina Rascena | Dunmer mortal (*)
Xeleci | Bosmer vampire


High-class courtesans who work as informants as well as improving house morale.

Cilia Belarus | Imperial blood apple, meretrix, thrall to Lelith (*)

House Staff

The house boasts a large contigent of servants, employees, and specialists that make up two halves of the house, the day and night staff.

Day & Night Staff

The day staff may or may not be aware this Imperial noble house is secretly a coven of vampires, while the night staff is comprised of blood apples, trusted mortals, and kindred “in the know”. 

Ralorian Nerias | Altmer vampire, Castellan of the house
Anastasia Olcain | Imperial mortal, witch, Chatelaine of the house
The Castellan & Chatelaine manage the day to day affairs of the house staff and ensure the needs of the family and individual house members are met.

Fielton Larethian | Imperial blood apple, Gamekeeper of the house
The Gamekeeper ensures the wildlife within Carcosa’s grounds is responsibily maintained and oversees hunters and livestock.

Gioxto Sipius | Imperial Berne vampire, healer
Memnovia Vant | Imperial bard and minstrel (*)
Nephele Galvia | Imperial mortal, steward of the Noctem Paradisum spa (*)
Piot | Nord werewolf, blacksmith and wanderer (*)
Sesila Bjarik | Nord vampire, seamstress and leatherworker
Sharaya-Do | Ohmes khajiit mortal, servant and gardener (*)
Valentin Forsythe | Breton vampire

Tribe of the Missing God

A group of primarily Niben gypsies who live in the forest on Carcosa’s grounds.

Eclipse Phantasma | Human mortal, circus performer (*)
Thelemil “Stanza” | Altmer mortal, bard (*)


Those who are staying on the grounds of Carcosa but have yet to be assigned a role in the house.

Aeringil Duskmire | Imperial mortal
Datsen Grimclaw | Nord werewolf, guard of Morgane
Elizabeth Vetiana | Breton Order vampire, scholar
Jozai Spaldur | Breton Volkihar vampire
Neniae | Dunmer mortal, servant and blood apple
Terrellius Accipitus Valeio | Imperial vampire, bodyguard to Brenya
Vierene | Breton mortal


Morriel | Bosmer thrall and personal bodyguard of Gideon and leader of the house’s military forces.


The praetor oversees and trains the praetorian guard, a small team of elite guardsmen, to ensure the security of the members of the House.

Gaius Avitus | Imperial vampire, Lightless Scion, Anti-paladin, Praetor


Highly trained soldiers part of the elite guardforce which protects the house. The praetorian are aware of the house secret and so help uphold the masquerade.

Atrius Maxenix | Imperial thrall to Lelith
Erina Sertorius | Imperial vampire (*)
Livillia Aquillius | Imperial Order vampire, Medicus, wife of Limenia
Lucian Varro | Imperial vampire, childe of Gaius
Sabine Augusta Tatius | Imperial mortal (*)

Soldiers & Mercenaries

Fighters who are either an official part of the house’s military or who are paid to fight on the house’s behalf.


Ajax Kalmarson | Nord werewolf, thrall to Livillia
Haelolin | Dunmer mortal, Commander of the Vanguard, sword saint and guardian

House Army

Kifah Fadeleaf | Bosmer thrall to Tellindil, hunter and ranger, healer in training
Malidorn of Solitude | Nord mortal
Nilisa Lichenrun | Bosmer vampire, huntress
Raxio Viden | Imperial mortal
Ysavel | Breton mortal, healer from Gaius’ house (*)


Bjorn the Fellhand | Nord werebear, gladiator from the Kvatch Arena (*)
Brutus Caratacus | Imperial mortal, mercenary (*)
Ragan | Nord Volkihar vampire, mercenary (*)
Xija | Bosmer Yekef vampire, pirate (*)