House Structure & Divisions


House Ravnore is comprised of two distinct divisions, each of which offers many different flavors of RP.

The purpose of these divisions is to give every member of the house a distinct, defined role to enhance both personal and group RP.

In other words, instead of being a random face in the crowd, we want every guild member to have a specialized role, since this immediately gives RP hooks and reasons for others to interact with your character.

Divisions are absolutely not insular or cliquish. While those within a division logically work together frequently, the overarching goal of guild RP is to have all the facets of the house working together in a cohesive way.

Chain of Command

The acting head of the house is the ultimate authority.

Below the head of the house are the heads of each division, which are considered the House’s Inner Court.

Beneath each division head are delegates, which may be appointed to specific duties and act in the name of either their division head or the head of the house in a limited function.

Every division head is functionally equal to the others unless a specific order has been given for one to follow another, such as during a mission or plot. Note that IC division heads usually, but do not always, correlate to OOC officer ranks.

All other members of the house are assigned to work for a division. The delegate(s) of that division may aid in the day to day affairs, with issues or suggestions escalated to their corresponding division head.

In other words, a simplified chain of command is:
Head of the House >> Division Heads >> Delegates >> All other house members

House Divisions

The Aristocracy

The Aristocracy is run by the nobility of the House. The division involves the management of House legalities that include laws, property, and decorum, as well as staff and research.

The legal side of the Aristocracy is responsible for penning edicts, maintaining legal policies, storing artifacts, and managing internal politics. The Aristocracy ultimately derives its power from the Head of the House, along with the Empire, and the Order. As such, it represents all these entities throughout most dealings. The Aristocracy employs legal representatives, knights called Holy Templars, and deputies called Tribunes. It also has its own dedicated team of scholars and researchers that work in the effort of updating laws and containing artifacts, be they dangerous or inert. In the most dire of situations, the Aristocracy can invoke a “crusade,” which unites the different aspects of the House, organizing the structure in such a way so as to commit all forces to a given endeavor, be it war or something else requiring a drastic amount of force.

The Aristocracy also oversees the staff, a thankless yet incredibly vital facet of the house. (See details below)

Finally, all house guards are under the direct command of the Aristocracy, in particular the Templars, who ensure the grounds are kept free of threats and individual members of the house are kept safe in their travels.

Lady Regent:
Lady Amalthea Ravnore

Master of Inquiry:
Lady Eisheth Ravnore

Master of Justice:
Lady Lelith Ravnore

Dame Limenia Shadowgale | Templar of the Aristocracy
Sir Lucian Varro Avitus | Templar of the Aristocracy
Sir Terrellius Accipitus Valeio | Templar of the Aristocracy

Lady Brenya Liorentia | House Archivist 

Oversees the Following Roles:
Templars: Tribunes, Agents, Squires, Guards
Archivist: Scribes, Librarians, Researchers, Archaeologists

House Staff

The Aristocracy also oversees the staff, a thankless yet incredibly vital facet of the house. While house staff are seldom bound for glory, without them, the house would crumble to nothing. The house boasts a large day staff, many of which are oblivious to the house’s secret, as well as an extensive night staff which helps ensure the veil is upheld at all costs.

The staff is comprised of well-paid servants that ensure a house of this size functions in an efficient manner, from maids to stablehands to skilled laborers and everything in between. Personal attendants fall under this umbrella, as do blood servants who ensure the vampires of the house can discretely feed. The staff’s influence extends across the entire grounds, including the tribe of gypsies that lives in the forests.

Finally, the staff attends to the comfort of guests who have come seeking employment in the house and watch over them until they have reached a final appointment, be it to the staff itself or another division.

Anastasia Olcain | Chatelaine
Fielton Larethian | Gamekeeper
Valentin Forsythe | House Steward

Oversees the Following Roles:
Chatelaine: Staff, Servants, House Guests, Gypsies from the Tribe of the Missing God
Gamekeeper: Hunters, Wardens
Steward: Business Employees, Debt Collectors

The Academy

The heart of the house’s longstanding status in Imperial society, the Academy facilitates instruction in a variety of topics both magical and mundane. Comprised of talented mages and scholars, the primary goal behind the Academy’s existence is to preserve and distribute knowledge, be it how to cast a complicated spell or how to learn to read. The house has long been legally allowed to study necromancy, which makes it a popular destination for adventurous aspiring students; in addition to that, proscribed topics such as daedric worship and shadow magic are practiced by those of the house with darker inclinations, though well-hidden from the public eye.

The Academy has recently expanded, and is now taking in students as well as hiring instructors willing to impart their knowledge from everything from martial combat to complex schools of magic.

Master of Academia:
Haave Hlervu | Astronomer

Master of Arcanum:
Lord Malfyrvis Hlervu | Webweaver

Morriel Grimthorn | Instructor

Oversees the Following Roles:
Mages, Scholars, Teachers, Students, Apprentices, Enchanters, Alchemists, Astronomers, Diviners