House Structure & Divisions


House Ravnore is an old Nibenese house which was displaced from the Imperial City after the events of the Soulburst. Now established in the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil, the house has grown prosperous and in large enough numbers to have nine distinct divisions, overseen by three ruling heads.

The purpose of these divisions is to give every member of the house a distinct, defined role to enhance both personal and group RP. In other words, instead of being a random face in the crowd, we want every guild member to have a specialized role, since this immediately gives RP hooks and reasons for others to interact with your character.

Due to the way the guild RP is structured, divisions are absolutely not insular or cliquish. While the divisions do naturally RP in private sometimes, for training and planning and the like, for the most part they network within the guild. An arbiter might help the inquisitors, or a mage might need help from a spy—so on and so forth.

Chain of Command

As the head of the house, Gideon is the ultimate authority. Below him are his wife, Olyviana, and his champion, Morriel.

Beneath each of the three officers are nine division heads—three to each officer. Every division head is functionally equal to the others unless a specific order has been given for one to follow another during a mission/evaluation/plot. Note that IC positions of power do not always correlate to OOC lieutenant ranks.

All other members of the house are assigned to a division head to handle their day to day affairs. For instance, soldiers work for the Praetor, and the Praetor answers to Morriel, who answers to Gideon. If a soldier has an issue, it makes more sense for them to bring it to the Praetor first rather than escalating it straight to Morriel, let alone Gideon.

In other words, a simplified chain of command is:
Gideon >> Olyviana & Morriel >> Division Heads >> All other house members

Scholar Division


The Archivist collects, organizes, preserves, and provides access to records, archives, and artifacts determined to have value to the Ravnore household. They facilitate and encourage the academic faculties of house members based on professional and personal interests, regardless of prior academic skill level or rank. The Archivist further cultivates and recommends readings and assignments as seen fit to promote growth of or give pleasure to an individual house member. Above all, The Archivist seeks to use the resources at their disposal to ensure the Ravnore family and its associates preserve the powerful flame that is knowledge.

Head: Llivinysa Hla Silvar 
Answering Officer: Gideon Ravnore

Oversees the Following Roles:
Alchemists, Archaeologists, Enchanters, Librarians, Researchers, Scholars


The Astronomer looks out for the well-being of the house by reading the stars for portents of danger or prosperity. She oversees the extensive East Wing, which houses the observatory, lecture hall, mage training and dueling platform, and a lounge. The Astronomer is the point of contact for house mages, both those who are combat-focused and those who actively practice other magics. She works closely with the Archivist, as the mage and scholar divisions so frequently overlap.

Head: Haave Hlervu
Answering Officer: Gideon Ravnore

Oversees the Following Roles:
Battlemages, Healers, Non-combatant Mages, Necromancers


The inquisitor’s sphere of influence is the political spectrum of vampiric unlife. While other parts of the House focus on matters that delve between the mortal and immortal, Inquisitors are entirely focused on the preservation of the veil by any means necessary. To be an Inquisitor of the Dying Sun is to be alone, as everyone is suspect, everyone is a potential traitor to the House and the Veil. Inquisitors are utterly pious in their responsibilities, standing as the exemplar definitions of unlife. They take pride in their commitments, seeing their devotion as testament to their love of House and way of life. As such, they have few friends and many enemies.

Heads: Eisheth Ravnore & Lelith Ravnore
Answering Officer: Gideon Ravnore

Oversees the Following Roles:
Agents, Inquisitors, Squires

House Division


The Chatelaine or Chamberlain is the head of all staff in the Ravnore household. Overseeing everything from cooks to cleaning servants to stablehands, it is the chatelaine’s duty to ensure the day to day functions of the house run smoothly and without incident. In addition to her duties managing the staff, the chatelaine also oversees the personal quarters of all who live on the keep grounds and ensures all house guests are kept comfortable. This means guests are automatically placed under the chatelaine’s sanction to ensure they are properly settled and shepherded into their proper divisions, should they stay to join the house.

Head: None Currently
Answering Officer: Olyviana Ravnore

Oversees the Following Roles:
House Staff—Attendants, Bartenders, Cooks, Hunters, Gardeners, Maids, Stablehands; Blood Servants; Tribe of the Missing God/Gypsies; House Guests


The majordomo is responsible for managing the entirety of the house’s financial interests. The house has several businesses which the majordomo runs by proxy, as well as tracking all profits and losses for the various properties owned by the Ravnore family. The majordomo oversees all employees of the house’s various businesses and arranges business meetings between the house and potential buyers. If there is a new investment to be made, a lucrative client to be charmed, or a financial hurdle to overcome, the majordomo will be there working his or her business savvy to ensure the house has adequate funds to prosper.

Head: Filius Umbra
Answering Officer: Olyviana Ravnore

Oversees the Following Roles:
Bookkeepers, Business Employees, Diplomats, Stewards


One way the house ensures its foothold among the mortal realm and the treacherous world of Imperial politics is by employing a vast network of spies. These spies are commonly nicknamed ‘spiders’, for they are numerous and hidden among the house’s other roles and even occasionally employed outside of it. Presiding over the spiders is the webweaver, a cunning spymaster well versed in how best to utilize gathered intelligence as well as acquire new information. The webweaver knows what strings to pull to yield the best results and remain secret while doing it. In addition to managing the house’s spies, the webweaver dabbles in the less-than-legal dealings of the house, those which are kept out of the public eye, for knowledge of such things would tarnish the house’s reputation as a law abiding Imperial house.

Head: Malfyrvis Hlervu
Answering Officer: Olyviana Ravnore

Oversees the Following Roles:
Assassins, Informants, Spies, Meretrix, Smugglers, Underworld Contacts

Military Division


The commander oversees a clean sweep unit of specialized soldiers, holding about twenty strong. This unit specializes in maneuvering in heavy plate, which consists primarily of ebony and ebony blends while utilizing enchantments and combat buffs to bolster the success of the unit in complete and total annihilation of the desired target or area. No prisoners taken. The Night Lords serve as a last resort when/if negotiations fail, captives default, and territory needs claiming quickly, quietly, and thoroughly. The commanding officer of the Night Lords answers to Morriel and works alongside the other lieutenant roles vital to house structure and security.

Head: Haelolin Deviir
Answering Officer: Morriel

Oversees the Following Roles:
Night Lords (specialized, highly trained soldiers)


The praetor oversees the praetorian guard, specialized soldiers who are in charge of overall house security as well as protection when we are attacked, on a mission, or at war. The praetorian guard are the best of the best of the house’s soldiers, selected due to skill and loyalty as well as eventual knowledge of the house’s dark secrets.

In addition to the praetorian guard, the praetor oversees the general guard forces—both personal guards of individual house members and hired soldiers and mercenaries who play a vital role in the house’s defense but are not yet trusted enough to be initiated and trained as praetorian.

Head: Gaius Avitus
Answering Officer: Morriel

Oversees the Following Roles:
Bodyguards, Cavalry, Praetorian Guard, Mercenaries, Soldiers