The Chapel

of the north wing

To travel to the chapel, travel to the Domus Phrasticus owned by @Owl1ght

Annexed to the North Wing is a small chapel, and a churchyard where Carcosa’s fallen sleep beneath the falling petals of flowering trees.

On the northwest side of the chapel lies the Ravnore family plot, dominated by the elaborate marble tomb of Lord and Lady Ravnore’s daughter.

To the southeast is the Soldier Cemetery, where fallen members of the house’s military are laid to rest.

Behind the chapel is the plot dedicated to members of the house from other lands and races.

A few peculiarities may be found throughout the grounds, such as the unmarked Dwemer Scholar’s grave and the Cursed Tomb, where no living thing grows and no birds or beasts will go near.

Inside, the lower floor of the chapel is a place for quiet reflection and the offerings of one’s personal devotion. Ivy grows along the stone walls and candlelight illuminates the solemn space. Polished pews and gleaming candlesticks, luxurious carpets and altar-cloths adorn the room. Funerals are held there, as well as weddings, christenings, and ceremonies of remembrance.

Upstairs are quarters for the house clergy.