The Cave

Vampire Sanctuary

To travel to the cave, right click @GideonRavnore in the guild window and select Travel to Primary Residence.

Far beneath the elegant keep of Carcosa lies a cave with no name. Heavily warded from outside intrusions, it opens into the Abecean sea and is the place where the undead kindred of the house are free to show their true natures without fear of discovery.

The first room visible upon descending the spiraling staircase is a massive archive filled with arcane knowledge, much of which is dark or dangerous.

The pathway leading deeper into the cave is well lit by flickering braziers. The descent eventually leads to a high gateway which opens up into the ritual chamber. Prominently featured in the ritual chamber are three main fixtures; the altar to Molag Bal, the altar to Clavicus Vile, and a throne on a raised dais.

Under the main chamber is a hidden walkway which leads under the rocky archway which trails further into the cave system. A luxurious, pillow-filled tent can be found here, along with water filled with lilypads and enchanted glowing flowers.

Further in the cave are eerie white flowering trees and glowing plants which grow directly from the stone. Within this dark ambiance is a lounge area surrounded by white marble bookcases. There is a peaceful reading area before a trickling fountain as well.

Even deeper within the cave is Lord Ravnore’s private necromancy lab–though other members of the house are permitted to use it for their work with the magister’s approval. Here, the skilled necromancer creates works both wondrous and horrifying. Animated skeletal guards lurk the corridors, ready to defend against threats. The lab also houses the horrifying fleshbeast Cerberus, a grotesque flesh atronach constructed out of the parts of transformed werewolves.

The final chamber of note is one exclusive to members of the Ravnore family. A heavily warded, spiked gate bars entry, and within are massive gargoyles poised to defend the chamber. There are a few exceedingly dangerous artifacts within, as well as warded coffins which can be used as resting places for any member of the Ravnore family who may need to enter torpor for a prolonged period. Most strikingly is a portal against one wall, which leads to the pocket realm Gideon acquired several years ago.