The Military Wing

The Undercroft

To travel to the cave, right click @Genkidu in the guild window and select Travel to Primary Residence.

Located beneath the keep near the walls, the military wing is a large and cavernous builts upon the ruins of a Reman-era Imperial tomb and an Ayleid temple. It consists of a number of restored caverns and tombs outfitted to hold and supply the armed forces of the House. It is open to any who have business with the House military.

In the military wing the soldiers of the Praetorian Guard, the militia, the Night Lords, and the Arbiters are stationed in barracks t hat hold beds for multiple members of a unit. All those who fight for Ravnore are provided with room and board.

While the barracks are close to the surface level, as one goes deeper down they run into the remnants of the ruins of civilizations past. From here one can either head down into the largest cavern of the facility which hosts the arena used for duels, training, and musters. Or they can head up to the stands above the arena to watch any fighting or training that might be going on.

First once one leaves the arena they will come across either the military clinic on their left or the offices belonging to the military officers to their right. The clinic is small but well stocked and home to several fine healers who can patch up a wounded soldier and get them back into fighting shape.

The offices are the work stations of the Praetor, Commander, Champion, and Perceptum. Each officer has a part of the large hall sections off for meetings and work related duties.

Past the clinic and offices are the remains of the many Reman-era tombs in the complex, each belonging to a general or noble of high status. Spoils from the Second Empire many wars are mostly left down there untouched, though the gold and magical artifacts have been removed.

This area is host to the largest meeting area in the facility, a large and well-stocked mess hall, and a small lounge area for off-duty soldiers to relax in. The large gaping hole in the far wall is blocked off to keep any more untimely deaths from happening. Here soldiers can relax and meet with each other over any number of topics.