The East Wing

The Observatory

To travel to the east wing, right click @Owl1ght in the guild window and select Travel to Primary Residence.

The Observatory, also referred to as the East Wing, is part of the crowning achievements House Ravnore boasts within its Academy. Grand renovations over the last few years brought its functionality back. With its design a blend of dwemer technology and with Niben flair, the building contains two floors.

Inside, the first chamber only leads directly to the Orrery. To the right interior is an elevator that descends to the second, subterraneous floor. The Orrery is a wonderous chamber built beneath the heavens to aid the Astronomer in creating astronomy charts that track the locations of stars and planets. Supplementary to tracking the planets and stars, a smaller charting system tracks the twin moons, Jone and Jode.

The second level of the Observatory boasts an entrance hall where scholars of the Academy and likewise anyone pursuing education may study. Beyond this, a curtain acts as the partition to a lounge. A testament to the arcane arts pursued by the Niben scholar house comes to life as otherworldly hands tend the bar. Here, scholarly techniques and social nuances intertwine within an ambience of luxuriousness.

Jutting from the lower floor is a platform used as a classroom where those who practice arcane arts may practice live-casting. From examples of executing destruction magic to meditation to build the internal reservoir of magicka, it welcomes all.