House Ravnore

ESO’s Premier Imperial Vampire Roleplay Guild

Welcome to House Ravnore!

We are an 18+ heavy roleplay vampire guild on the NA-PC server of Elder Scrolls Online.

We are a lore-focused guild and believe in adhering to the game’s canon wherever possible.

Outwardly, our guild is an Imperial noble house run by a prominent magister with the Mage’s Guild. Secretly, we house a vampire coven. We specifically focus on roleplaying the mystery and intrigue of the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, though all like-minded vampires—as well as compatible mortals–are welcome within our coven.

We provide a platform where both vampire and mortal characters can rise to prominence and shine. We primarily RP on the Gold Coast and are a part of the Imperial RP scene.


House Ravnore is a small but old noble house from the Imperial City. It rose to prominence three hundred years ago due to the family’s shrewd financial maneuverings in addition to their influence within the Mages Guild and Imperial College. Throughout the years it has remained outwardly modest in holdings, though in reality is steadily gaining in assets and influence to bolster the clandestine power which lurks under the surface.

The current head of the house is a Nibenese woman named Amalthea Ravnore. Appointed as Lady Regent of the House until the former Lord’s legal heir comes of age, she maintains the house and its newly established Academy, upholding the ancient house’s scholarly roots. Yet lurking beneath the legitimate cover of the house is a coven of vampires serving the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order.

Following the chaos of the soulburst, House Ravnore was forced to flee the Imperial heartland and establish holdings in Reaper’s March. For two years the House operated in the March, pulling strings behind the scenes and funneling wealth from Pa’alat to their holdings near Arenthia. There the house remained up until they went to war with House Dasciya, the birth family of Olyviana, who at the time was the concubine of the former head of the house, Gideon Ravnore. The resulting war nearly saw the house brought to ruin, but in the end they were victorious.

The house moved to the Gold Coast following the Dasciya war, and the house was quick to entrench itself within what remained of Imperial society upon the Coast. For a time, a rash of bad luck beleaguered House Ravnore; betrayals, broken alliances, near financial ruin all combined to leave the house teetering on the edge of the abyss.

However, in more recent times, the house has managed to claw its way back to prominence. The threat of failure always seems one disaster away, but the House is now one of the most prominent noble houses on the Gold Coast with a variety of business interests that keep it afloat.

More recently, a rival in the Order went to war against the house, resulting in mass loss of life. The war was grueling, but far more troubling was the fact Gideon, the lord of the house, won the ire of the elders in the Order, those who his rival had managed to bend to his ear. Following his actions in the war, Gideon was sentenced to decades of torpor with the house assets being transferred to eldest progeny, Amalthea.

Despite grieving and fearing the future, the house was forced to carry on. Yet despite the house’s outward status as a legitimate Niben house, it remains clandestine in the shadows. Every alliance, purchased asset, and underground deal is orchestrated for one purpose: to fuel the influence of the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order and to ensure what remained of House Ravnore could maintain their status within it.

OOC Information

We provide an OOCly friendly and helpful environment for people to create their own stories based around an Imperial noble house/vampire coven and the people who occupy it. Each of our members is ICly valued and will have a specific role to play within the house.

There are many facets of our daily RP–the decorum and political maneuvering of a noble house, our business dealings with an apothecary and luxury goods shipping company, the house’s history as a mage house with extensive knowledge of the arcane and even forbidden arts, the activities of the castle staff and guards, our involvement in the cross-guild alliance Embers of the Empire, and all you might expect from a vampire coven hiding in plain sight and upholding the veil which keeps them shielded from mortal eyes.

There is room for character advancement within our guild and we are willing to work with you to progress your character in a way that will be enjoyable for everyone involved. We put value on every member of the guild and love to help everyone carve out a niche where their character can flourish.

We define heavy RP as a setting where RP takes place on a daily basis, though not all members are required to RP that often. Freeform RP is our focus and proactive RPers are a necessity. We regularly convene as a guild in certain locations for daily RP, but you are also strongly encouraged to RP wherever and whenever you wish! Our guild is not heavily GM or event based—instead every member is expected to help create RP collaboratively with the rest of the guild.

We have a very strict no drama policy. We try to keep guild chat a stress-free and welcoming place at all times.

The majority of our guild RP takes place in the Gold Coast as well as our guild keep. For this reason we strongly recommended you have the Dark Brotherhood DLC in order to access the Gold Coast, though it is not absolutely required if you’re willing to miss out on the public portions of our RP.

We believe IC actions equal IC consequences and that the most important aspect of RP is upholding the line between IC and OOC.

We are an 18+ mature guild. Our guild RP commonly contains darker elements as would be expected from a vampire guild, though we are story-focused first and foremost. You won’t find torture porn or random sleaze here—just quality, gritty, serious RP.

Eligible Characters

There are a few important things to note about joining House Ravnore.

The first is the majority of our internal RP is based around the intrigue and political maneuvering of a vampire coven. For this reason, it is highly recommended your character know our secret sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out on RP.

However, if you wish for your character to join without knowing our secret, it is definitely doable—but must be handled carefully, for our characters would logically kill any perceived threats unless your character proved to be very useful to them.

We are big supporters of character progression in RP. So, while it’s perfectly fine to join by saying your character that has served us for several years (for example), it’s equally fine to RP out each step in your character’s journey.

For example, if your ultimate goal is to be a vampire but you wish your character to be turned, you could RP that progression however you wished—such as going from hired soldier, to thrall, to eventually being turned.

If you have a defined end goal for your character, the only thing we ask is patience. Many of our characters who became vampires through RP were played for months before getting to the point where being embraced made IC sense. So, if you won’t be happy OOC until your character has reached a certain point, it might be best to start at that point from the beginning.

With all of that in mind, we are currently recruiting the following types of characters:

Mortal Servants

A coven could not hide long without a staff of mortals to fuel the illusion of mortality and normalcy, and House Ravnore is no different. We are always in need of mortal servants of all kinds. A few potential positions in this field would be personal attendants, seneschals, cooks, maids, crafters (such as tailors, blacksmiths, etc), and businessmen/traders.


Thralls are mortals bound by blood to a specific vampire, to serve as both a blood source and loyal attendant. Thralls are valued and viewed as trusted mortals. Note that thralls are still expected and encouraged to have a normal role in the house. For example, a thrall could also be a soldier, mage, spy, or servant. You get the idea!

Blood Servants

Blood servants are mortals who willingly give blood to the vampires of the house. Far from being subjugated, blood servants are a treasured and vital part of the house—without them we could not hide among mortals. Much like thralls, blood apples may also have any other position within the house, or their status as a blood source may be their primary role.  

Mages & Scholars

With House Ravnore’s public ties to the Mages Guild and Gideon well known as a magister, there is a logical hook for any mage character to seek out knowledge or instruction. This is especially true for any young or inexperienced mages who wish to pledge themselves as apprentices, particularly if they focus on the darker arts such as necromancy.

Guards & Soldiers

Nearly any blade for hire could find a position among the house as one of its standing army of mercenaries and loyal soldiers. The house’s combat forces are our main line of defense against outside threats. While the house is not military-focused and seldom goes to war, we are still in need of those with the skills to protect the house and the secret coven within, as well as securing and holding future assets.

Spies & Assassins

The house boasts a spy network which stretches across much of the Gold Coast. Spies are always incredibly welcome and frequently utilized, as are any other characters with underworld contacts. As long as they’re reasonably discrete, smugglers, thieves and the like could find a place among our sanctuary, but overt criminal activity would be considered a liability and not tolerated by the house.


House Ravnore is known among Imperial vampires as a coven and sanctuary for vampires of the Order. While all Imperial vampires would be welcome within our house, we also provide a safe haven for any like-minded vampire willing to pledge loyalty and work for the house’s benefit. Keep in mind vampire characters can also fill most of the above roles (for example, a soldier vampire, a spy vampire, etc—the possibilities are endless.)

Gameplay (PVE & PVP)

While we will always put RP first, we also encourage members to play the game itself. We tend to PvE frequently and many people in the guild craft or run writs at a minimum, or else grind gold so they can decorate houses for RP–so on and so forth.

This means we welcome members who are interested in playing the game in addition to RPing. If you don’t actually play ESO but would still like to join to RP with us, you’re still welcome to! It’s just that we’ve found long-term member satisfaction is higher if players are interested in the game rather than just logging in to see if there’s RP and logging off if there isn’t RP going at that second.

For that reason members are encouraged to work on leveling up, gearing, and running endgame content such as dailies, dungeons, and crafting. We are not currently running organized guild PvE nights but would like to in the future once sufficient interest has been built.

While members are welcome to PvP, we have no plans to do organized PvP as a guild at this time.

A Note on Vampire RP

There’s no question vampire RP carries a certain stigma among RP communities, and for good reason. All too often what should be a mature, secretive concept gets tainted by those who would rather play an overt brooding vampire getting in bar fights.

House Ravnore upholds the masquerade which allows vampires to live undetected among mortal society at all costs. This means there will never be an incident of open, public vampires walking around in mixed company. Every character who joins the guild will be expected to protect our secret at all costs. To show how serious we are about this, we have ICly killed several characters for behaving in a way that put the secrecy of our coven at risk.

We value quality over quantity and are only interested in guilding lore-accurate characters who will navigate the challenges unique to RPing a vampire in a mature way.

Due to just how badly vampire RP can go if mishandled, we are also generally not the best environment for those new to RP and its commonly accepted etiquette regarding godmoding, metagaming, etc. (But don’t be intimidated if you aren’t overly familiar with vampire or ESO lore—we’re always willing to help out!)


If you are interested in joining House Ravnore, please visit our guild site. You will need to join our site and then click the “Application” button. It is also a good idea to check out the House Information section of our forum to learn more about our RP.

Please feel free to send any of the officers any questions before applying if you’d like further information!

GM Contact

Beltane – @Beltane3

Officer Contacts

Eisheth – @Hexx3 
Haave – @Owl1ght
Lelith – @Hesperax17
Malfyrvis – @Vasha6789
Morriel – @Genkidu